Review: Ecocentric Mom Box

Eccocentric Baby Box review Review: Ecocentric Mom Box

As I await the arrival of my little bambina in March, I had the chance to review a monthly subscription box of natural and eco friendly products for babies (and moms!).

Started by an eco-friendly mom of four, Ecocentric Mom is a company dedicated to spreading awareness about environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional products (especially those used during pregnancy or on babies). As their website explains:

“Take one example: soap. Did you know that triclosan, a hormone-disrupting pesticide, is now in 140 different types of consumer products including liquid hand soap, toothpaste, undergarments, and children’s toys? Yet study after study has shown that triclosan can interfere with hormones critical for normal development and function of the brain and reproductive system. It can also cause lower levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone, which can result in altered behavior, learning disabilities, or infertility.  To top it off, triclosan has been associated with breast cancer.”

The Concept:

To help spread awareness about eco-friendly products for moms and babies, Ecocentric Mom created a monthly subscription service that includes a box filled with samples of eco friendly and natural products. Subscriptions can be purchased for a single month or for up to a year and can be sent as gifts to expectant moms and new moms. Personally, I think these are a fun idea for baby shower gifts as the mom will get to try many products and could even receive them monthly after her little one arrives!

The Box:

I received the Baby Box this month and it had an array of mom and baby related natural products including:

  • An all natural Calendula based soothing salve for baby
  • A natural baby lotion
  • A silicon teething bracelet/bangle for baby
  • A bottle of natural bubble bath (that actually contains all natural ingredients!)
  • A gift card for a natural teething toy
  • Natural dish soap
  • a gift card to Blue Green Organix
  • Several other items

There are three options in these boxes:

  1. The Mom Box
  2. The Mom-to-Be-Box
  3. The Baby Box

and subscriptions can be purchased monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you’re interested in finding out more about Ecocentric Mom or purchasing a box subscription, there is more info here.

Do you use any natural baby or pregnancy products? Share below!

Reader Comments

  1. Sara says

    Where is the all natural bubble bath from? I’ve searched all over for an all-natural or homemade one that actually bubbles!

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