Ecocentric Mom Box Review

ecocentric mom box review Ecocentric Mom Box Review

I recently had the opportunity to review an interesting new idea for new and expecting moms… A box filled with natural, organic, and earth friendly products that moms (and moms-to-be) can try without the need to buy a full size bottle.

Started by an eco-friendly mom of four, Ecocentric Mom is a company dedicated to spreading awareness about environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional products (especially those used during pregnancy or on babies). As their website explains:

“Take one example: soap. Did you know that triclosan, a hormone-disrupting pesticide, is now in 140 different types of consumer products including liquid hand soap, toothpaste, undergarments, and children’s toys? Yet study after study has shown that triclosan can interfere with hormones critical for normal development and function of the brain and reproductive system. It can also cause lower levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone, which can result in altered behavior, learning disabilities, or infertility.  To top it off, triclosan has been associated with breast cancer.”

The Concept:

Eccocentric Baby Box review 300x187 Ecocentric Mom Box ReviewTo help spread awareness about eco-friendly products for moms and babies, Ecocentric Mom created a monthly subscription service that includes a box filled with samples of eco friendly and natural products. Subscriptions can be purchased for a single month or for up to a year and can be sent as gifts to expectant moms and new moms. Personally, I think these are a fun idea for baby shower gifts as the mom will get to try many products and could even receive them monthly after her little one arrives!

The Ecocentric Mom Box offers three options:

  1. The Mom Box
  2. The Mom-to-Be-Box
  3. The Baby Box

Since I have a one-year old, I opted to try the baby box.

The Baby Box

The box arrived with cute packaging and filled with many products that I would actually use. There were some products that I hadn’t even heard of, and some I’d definitely use or recommend to a friend.

The Baby Box that I received contained:

  • A silicon “Oogaa Spoon” that is safe and non-toxic for baby to learn to eat. Since I don’t usually spoon food into babies’ mouths, but teach them from an early age to feed themselves, this is actually a fun way for baby to learn. These aren’t plastic and are BPA free, which are important to me.
  • Bathtime Baby-Baby Butter- a natural moisturizing lotion that is safe for even the littlest babies. It contained ingredients that I’ve used to make my own lotion and that would be safe on kids.
  • Tooth tissues- Natural and fluoride free wipes to clean baby’s teeth even before they have enough teeth to actually brush…
  • Natural Floor Cleaner- made with ingredients you would be comfortable with baby crawling around on
  • Natural Sun Screen- We don’t use much sunscreen (on purpose) but it contained ingredients that I would be fine with putting on baby’s skin when we do use sunscreen.
  • Vaska Natural Laundry Detergent- a natural and eco-friendly laundry alternative
  • Divine Mama Bars- Designed to increase breast milk supply. They contained some ingredients I don’t eat, but the idea is a great!
  • Newborn Skin Oil- A natural oil designed for baby’s skin. Great if you want an alternative to plain coconut oil :-)
  • Powdered organic baby food- We don’t do much store bought baby food, but this would be great for traveling, especially on planes when liquids and baby foods aren’t allowed.

These boxes can be purchased as a single box (one month) or as a monthly subscription for several months. After seeing mine, I think these would be great gifts for new moms, especially those just starting to learn more natural options.

This would be a way for a new mom to try products and see which one work for her without the commitment of buying a large quantity. It would also be a way for new moms to find options they hadn’t even thought of yet.

I’ll probably actually give these as a gift to a few new moms that I know….

Have you ever tried a monthly product subscription like this? Ever used any of these products? Please share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    I’m heading over to buy this right now! I am at the Mom-to-Be stage, but it might be good to go ahead and purchase the Baby box as well, just to see ahead of time what I’ll like!

  2. Karyn says

    I’m curious about the comment that you don’t do a lot of spoon feeding. How do you feed them in the early months?

    • says

      I don’t introduce foods until 6 months and start with tiny bits of avocado, soft cooked vegetables, etc. I’ve found that babies are much more willing to try new foods when they can pick them up themselves. I do occasionally spoon feed things like applesauce, but for the most part, let them try with a spoon at that age too… messy for a while but they learn so much faster and I actually get to eat during meals…

      • says

        after i unknowingly started with rice cereal, which she didn’t like too much, i did the avocados, mushy mangos and other veggies at 7 months, my little one who is now 7 loves fruits and veggies and prefers them over anything else. i think if you start them off with a good healthy start like that, they will continue. i didn’t use the spoon much, but always let her use a spoon and she knows how to use utensils properly from a young age, about 18 months. its great!

  3. Rebekka Hartmann says

    Just so’s you know, you can bring baby food and formula/breastmilk/bottled water on flights. We did Copenhagen/Frankfurt/SanFran and back in May/June and both ways had a huge thermal bag full of baby food jars and pouches and fruit and just, you know, STUFF. Both ways. They looked in the bag but gave us no problems whatsoever.

  4. Sandy says

    I love the idea of these as baby shower gifts. Our nieces and nephews are at that stage of life and most of them would be interested in these products.

  5. Ruby says

    Hello, what timely fashion to come across your site. We are expecting baby #6. Unfortunately I suffer from Hyperemesis which is an Extreme form of morning sickness. I had to be put on a PICC line and TPN bag for 24hrs. It is so hard knowing all the chemicals and High amounts of sugar that are being pumped in  but it is the only way I can survive without literally becoming Malnourished. Thankfully I am over the worst and have been able to resume a whole foods diet. So I am eager to look around your site and look forward to following along with you.

  6. Sara says

    Where is the all natural bubble bath from? I’ve searched all over for an all-natural or homemade one that actually bubbles!

  7. Gillian Wackowski says

    we use an all natural diaper creme and lotion (i make it so its not something you can buy) made of coconut oil and a drop or two of lavender essential oil

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