How to Get Healthy While You Sleep

I’ve been self-testing an innovative new way (inspired by a very old way) of reducing stress and improving sleep lately and I now feel like I have enough personal data to pass on my results to you.

Basically, there is a simple thing we can do each day that helps keep stress levels (and cortisol levels) in healthy ranges, can improve sleep and also reduce inflammation.

Getting Grounded

I first encountered the idea of “Grounding” or “Earthing” when I read the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. I’d seen information about this theory before but hadn’t looked into it.

At first I was skeptical that something so simple could work but after researching it and reading the book, it seemed at least plausible that it would work. I also ran the idea by some electrical engineer friends and a friend who has done research in the biomedical field and they confirmed that there was some science to back it up.

Basically, the theory is that our bodies are meant to come into contact with the Earth (a “grounding” force) on a regular basis. Positive electrons in the form of free radicals (ever heard of those guys?) can build up in our bodies and direct contact with the ground balances this out as it is a negative grounding charge.

Our bodies and cells have electrical energy, and especially with the high prevalence of Electromagnetic waves, Wi-Fi and mobile phone waves, many of us have a high amount of positive electrons built up in our bodies.

It Used to Happen Automatically

Throughout history, humans have spent time outdoors much more than we do in modern time and have been in direct contact with the soil. From walking on the ground barefoot, to gardening or tilling the soil, humans have always touched the earth… until recently.

Now, we live in houses, wear rubber shoes, are exposed to EMFs daily and don’t often come into direct contact with the ground.

Have you ever noticed that you sleep better on a beach vacation after walking in the sand or being in the ocean? The sand and ocean water and both naturally conductive materials and both help ground the body and remove excess positive electrons. For the same basic reason that we ground electrical outlets to avoid the build up of excess positive charge, our bodies need the same ground effect.

What is Earthing?

According to the book “Earthing” the practice of earthing basically involves coupling your body to the Earth’s surface energy by walking, sitting or sleeping outside in direct contact with the Earth or using a device that creates the same response while indoors.

When in direct contact with the Earth, your body becomes suffused with negative charged free electrons and equalizes to the same electric energy level as the earth.

According to emerging research, Earthing can be beneficial in:

  • Reducing inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improving Sleep (I can vouch strongly for this!)
  • Increasing Energy (I noticed this also)
  • Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Improving blood pressure and blood flow
  • Relieving muscle tension and headache (I noticed this)
  • Lessens menstrual and female hormone symptoms
  • Speeds healing- used in some places to prevent bed sores
  • Can eliminate jet lag
  • Protecting the body from EMFs
  • Shortens recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Reducing or eliminating snoring
  • Helping  support adrenal health

Who Uses It?

Many on the Tour de France, supposedly including Lance Armstrong used an earthing recovery bag to speed recovery and increase sleep quality while on this endurance race. Various Olympic swimmers, runners, and triathletes have reported using Earthing and various professional athletes have used Earthing methods as well.

Well known doctor and natural health proponent Dr. Mercola has reportedly been using an Earthing Mat for years and even Dr. Oz has gotten on board recently!

Does Science Back it Up?

There have been some preliminary studies on the effects of grounding on cortisol levels and inflammation (PDF) and I’m confident that research will continue in this area. What fascinates me most is the testing done in thermographic imaging, which basically shows a heat map of the body. Heat patterns can signal inflammation in the body.

The above thermographic image was taken of a woman who complained of stiffness and chronic pain. The first picture was taken before earthing, and the second, after just 30 minutes of earthing.

The possibility of grounding or earthing resolving inflammation is exciting, as many chronic diseases cause and stem from inflammation in the body. Either way there is nothing to lose by trying earthing, and the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever is filled with first hand stories of those who have benefited, as well as research and information from doctors, a cardiologist and an electrical engineer.

My Own Experience

I was certainly skeptical at first but figured I had nothing to lose by trying to electrically ground myself. I make a point to walk barefoot outside each day and purchased an earthing mat to use while I was sleeping, as this is the body’s peak repair time.

To my surprise, I noticed the first night I used the earthing mat that I feel asleep much easier and had no trouble falling back asleep after waking up to nurse the baby. My husband didn’t believe me until he slept on part of the earthing mat one night and had a noticeable improvement in sleep quality.

I had been sleeping great for about a month and had been falling asleep easily until one night when I was tossing and turning and couldn’t fall asleep for a couple of hours. The next morning,I realized that the earthing mat had come unplugged!

From what I’ve read, reactions to earthing/grounding can vary drastically. Some people will notice a difference immediately while others take a few days or weeks. Others won’t feel any changes but measures of cortisol levels will show improvement. In general, it seems that the more inflammation one has, the more of a difference will be noticed from grounding.

How to Try It

Obviously, walking outside barefoot is the easiest and cheapest way if you are able. To work, you must be barefoot and in contact with rock, dirt or water. The beach/ocean is possibly the best place as not only are sand and salt water extremely conductive, but salt water is also very high in magnesium. Perhaps this is why many people seem to sleep better on vacation at the beach!

If you aren’t able to walk barefoot each day, there is now an alternative called an earthing mat or earthing sheets:

Personally, I use this mat while on my computer (it is under my desk) and an earthing sheet under back each night (needs skin to skin contact) every night and have noticed definite changes (this kit offers a discount on the mat, sheet, book and other accessories). The basic concept is that:

“The grounding mat (or sheet) is an amazing invention that allows you to do earthing while you’re inside a building. It just plugs in to the grounding wire port of a normal 3-prong outlet or a grounding rod (US and Canada only). The earth’s natural electrons flow right up through the ground wire and onto the mat, even if you’re in a high rise. The mat comes with an outlet tester you plug in to see if the outlet is configured correctly.”

Best Deal I’ve Found

The best place I’ve found to get an earthing mat is here and it comes with: 10″ x 20″ mat made of durable conductive carbonized rubber, one 12′ wire, conductive fabric cover, tester to see if your outlet is configured correctly, and full instructions for getting setup, using the mat, and caring for it. There is also a kit that contains a half size earthing sheet that can be used on any bed size.

Both kits also contain a copy of the book – Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Of course, the cheapest and easiest way is to spend some time outside barefoot….

Ever tried earthing/grounding? Think it’s crazy? Weigh in below!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    Thank you for this. I have been wondering for a few days if I should get one, and now I have placed my order. Had to go to a different webshop, though, as I live in Norway, but anyways, it’s soon on its way. And I’m really looking forward to it! :)

    • Gabriel says

      There is no such thing as a positive electron. And if there were, it would have nothing whatsoever to do with free radicals. Nothing you do affects the number of electrons in your body. The static charge you may build up exists only on the surface, just like electricity flows only over the surface of any conductor, not through it.
      Furthermore, you are far better electrically connected to ground every single time you take a bath or shower or touch a tap or radiator than you are when walking barefoot.
      Many people who work with electronics wear grounding bracelets all day. Unlike merely taking off your shoes, these bracelets are wired to ground properly. These people experience no health benefits from this whatsoever.
      You don’t need a false reason to go barefoot. Do it because it’s more comfortable, and teaches you to stop striking the ground with your heel.

      • Scott says

        I will be the first to admit that we do know all that makes up this wonderful creation and are learning more everyday it seems, but knowing what we do know makes it easy to dismiss certain claims. A quick science check and immediately I have some problems with your article Mama. Electrons are ALWAYS negatively charged.
        Protons are ALWAYS positively charged.
        You have both protons and neutrons in atoms. As long as the number of each are equal (5 protons and 5 electrons for example) the atom is electrically neutral.
        But when there is an imbalance between the two, then the atom is considered to be an ION.
        Here is the important thing: ONLY electrons (NEGATIVE) can be lost or gained in normal chemical reactions.
        Thus negative ions are created when a neutral atom gains additional electrons. The charge of the ion will be the difference between the two. (5 protons and 7 electrons will create an ion with a -2 charge).
        To get positive IONS an atom must lose electrons so there aren’t enough left to counteract the positive charge of all the protons. (5 protons and 3 electrons will create an ion with a +2 charge).

        Note the protons (which define the element and are POSITIVE) never change. Only the number of electrons changes. But in your article above your statement that “Positive electrons in the form of free radicals” and “Reducing inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons” by direct contact with the ground to balance this out as it is a negative grounding charge would be impossible as we currently understand.
        My concern is that if you are presenting authoritatively that there is new theory based on a book you read and that alone is your basis for this and many of your articles, then I can’t help but feel a loss of credibility and must advise others to seriously question your site (and I have enjoyed it for quite awhile).

  2. Cathy says

    I’ve tried just simply sitting outside for 30 minutes a day with my bare feet on the ground in my garden area.  I feel much calmer after doing this, so I think there really is something to it.  However, with the summer heat, I haven’t done the past few weeks.  Need to start doing it first thing in the morning to get it in, I think.

  3. Tonja Field says

    Just bought one… I am sure there are many variables as to why I RARELY (if ever) wake up feeling rested. This is worth a shot! 

  4. Jamie says

    Just curious, because of the link, what do you think of the Bulletproof coffee idea/recipe. Ever tried it? I haven’t ….yet.

  5. Ckensora says

    I am not a spontaneous purchaser ****EVER**** but I trust you wellness mama and I just went for it! I will let you know as soon as get it.  :-)  


  6. Smif says

    I am really enjoying your blog.  Thank you for sharing your information with us.   The following comments are NOT in any way, “dissing” you; but I feel each person needs to do their own “due diligence” before purchasing ANYTHING.  I am happy you’re noticing some results…please keep us updated.

    Let me just say, right up front, I have not purchased or tried one of these.   I have fibromyalgia (for over 35 years), which causes severe migrating muscle and joint pain, headaches/migraines, muscle cramping, sleep disorders, and a multitude of other issues;  and I have severely ripped ligaments and tendons in both feet (for ten years, now.)  I’m allergic to all pain meds, so I am constantly searching for natural alternatives to help ease the pain.   Needless to say, I am always interested in hearing what “respected others” have to say about alternative therapies, etc.

    I googled reviews for earthing mats; and I think everyone else should, too, before purchasing.   Amazon has some very detailed reviews on it…read them all, please.  I’ve just come across so many things that have said they would do this and that, and they ended up being scams/shams at the expense of our finances.  So, I’m a little gun-shy with things like this.

    I hope you continue to have positive results, and hope everyone (on your blog) that buys one has marvelous results, too.   Please post your results here for all of us, to enable the furtherance of our individual “due diligence”.   I really hope this could be “the” ticket for me.   Thank you. 

    • says

      I’ll definitely keep you posted and I completely agree… everyone should definitely do their own research too! Personally, even if I wasn’t getting the sleep benefits, I’d still use it for the EMF blocking benefits though :-)

    • Beth Michaels says

      Dear Dsmifs79, After reading your comment, I could immediately tell that you probably suffer from the same condition that I do – namely fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome. Look this up online. This syndrome mimics Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, and can cause severe joint and muscle pain, torn tendons, neuropathy and other peripheral and central nervous system disorders and lead to other conditions such as food intolerances, electromagnetic sensitivities and multiple chemical sensitivity. Most likely you took a fluoroquinolone antibiotic sometime in the past. These include Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc. There isn’t much you can do, but knowing you have it can help you avoid exposure to fluoroquinolone antibiotics and other substances that exacerbate the condition such as aspirin, gluten, dairy, soy and countless others… There are support groups online where one can find advice how to live with this syndrome. I hope I was able to help.

    • Anjulita says

      I started looking at this website only yesterday, and my suggestion for your fibromyalgia would be to look at an alternative therapy. Others posting on this website have more experience with the benefits of earthing, I cannot say this yet as I virtually have zero experience. But I read a book by John Sarno some 5-6 years ago, I think it was called ‘The Epidemic of mind body disorders’. From what I have read, the therapy originated in the US and access to therapists is easier there than elsewhere. Please take a look at the book (there are others too), it may be that following that therapy can heal you. I have no first hand experience of the therapy, but a friend of mine and I followed a training course together. He took on board the various suggestions, and was able to cure his aching knees (which meant he had not been able to cycle) within a few weeks. Sincerely hope this therapy may help you.

    • nik says

      I have not heard (yet) about the syndrome mentioned above, but I too was concerned and sympathized over your health. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but never saw it as really knowing what was wrong, as fibromyalgia must have some sort of cause. I believe that many are misdiagnosed and have what I have- chronic Lyme disease. Even if you do the research and don’t think you have Lyme, the protocols may help you greatly, as more than likely you have various chronic infections (EBV, Cyto, Herpes 6, etc etc). Things such as taking oregano oil, lauracidin, etc , going gluten/dairy/sugar free, etc may really help you. I never saw progress until those things. I am now just starting a strong antibiotic and herbal protocol. I’d recommend looking at the trailer or movie “Under Our Skin” on youtube, checking out Dr. Mercola, and if you pursue testing, using a Lyme-literate lab such as IGenex in California. All the best to you, feel better

    • Jan H says

      I too was skeptical of Earthing when I read about it a year ago. Then I began to read the research studies done and slowly opened my mind to the possibility it may help. I began by ordering the rubber mat but to be honest I wish I had ordered the plush pad in place of the rubber mat because the rubber mat has begun to peel. It still WORKS but I don’t like the fac that it is peeling. That said, the rubber mats were never meant to be slept with for this reason–they peel easier. If you want to sleep with any Earthing product, I would strongly recommend either a half sheet or a fitted sheet. There is a difference in price so you would need to figure out what you can afford. If both of those are still too expensive, try the plush pad which can be slept with and is actually far more comfortable to lay your feet on than a rubber mat even though the mat comes with a covering. As for what has it done for me? Oh my goodness. Like I said, I was a skeptic so I did not expect anything to occur. Therefore, when I woke up one morning with no pain after a day’s activities and high inflammatory foods the day before which should have put me in bed that next day, I was shocked when I woke up with little to no pain! Has it eliminated the pain? No. For some it does. I think it depends on how chronic your condition has been and for how long. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 15. I am now 62. Back to the product at hand–I then purchased the earthing half sheet and regretted not doing so sooner. It has made a world of difference in my sleep quality and in maintaining levels of pain and inflammation. Furthermore, I was on thyroid medication for two decades. Earthing has normalized my thyroid hormone levels and I am now officially off of all my thyroid medication. I was hypothyroid. Because I poo-pooed it on the thyroid, I did not notify my doctor and I became overdosed on the thyroid medication and experienced excessive thyroid until one day I realized after I had heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, profuse sweating, mood swings, and more, that I was probably hypERthyroid. I went off of the medication and did great but i do not recommend doing that without working with your doctor. I had no choice because I could not get into see my MD despite the symptoms (scary) and had to make a difficult decision but it is not something I recommend. So if you are on any medications (blood thinning, thyroid, meds for diabetes, inflammation–be sure to check with your doctor to monitor your levels so you don’t wind up experiencing what I did. when I did get to see a new Endocrinologist he confirmed that my levels were normal after being off of thyroid meds for one month. They have remained normal since then and that was six months ago. Amazing stuff. It also healed a sore on my foot that I had for years and could not heal through conventional means. A week after I began sleeping Grounded, that sore began to heal up. There definitely is something to this which I can’t explain as I’m not a scientist or doctor. But I can testify to the effects it has had on me, along with hundreds, maybe thousands of people. If you can try it, I would do so. I have since educated others about it all who have purchased products and they too have seen benefits. Some more than others. Just remember that if your condition has been long-term, it may take longer to see benefits from this as I did with my rheumatoid arthritis inflammation. Now, I ground as often as I can. I notice a difference when I’m not. It also has a calming effect that I can’t describe. If I’ve been anxious, I go into my room, plant my body on my half sheet and within 30 minutes or so, I begin to feel calmer. Oh, one last thing… if you grind your teeth at night, this has been known to stop that (also snoring from other testimonials). I do grind my teeth–always have–and yes, it did in fact, stop me from grinding at night. when all is said and done — is it a panacea? No. A cure-all? No. But it is powerful, more than any other product out there, imho. I will never be without an Earthing device again. I would encourage you to check out their website and read the articles that have been published in medical journals reporting on the clinical trials they have done and reported on. And for what it’s worth, people with fibromyalgia have been known to improve. I can’t say all have but I have heard that those with fibromyalgia has benefited. Hope that helps.

  7. Claus B Henriksen says

    Hi – as a danish distributor of Earthing products I am happy to see the increased interest in the US. We seel most of the products from our website and we get a lot of very possitive feedback from our customers. Most people report on better sleep. Some experience the improvement after just one or two nights, for others it may take weeks.
    But earting works, also in improving the accuracy of the biological clock and in calming the autonomic nervous system.
    I recently started intensive weight training and the muscle soreness is hardly existening.
    I can really recommend getting grounded. One way or the other.

  8. MIggie says

    Makes sense.  I live in the deep South, so the only concerns I have is that the website mentioned
    not using the mat during thunderstorms.   “Down here”, we don’t have much control over sudden
    storms that might arise during the night.  Any thoughts on that?

    Miggie, Mississippi

    • Martin Zucker says

      Lightning is an unpredictable phenomenon.  The chances of a house getting hit by lightning is extremely remote.  In any case, and just as a precaution, we advise folks to unplug their Earthing mats or sheets during a thunderstorm.  We talk about lightning in Appendix A in the Earthing book.  
      Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

  9. Kerry Westbury says

    this is really interesting I have been studying this and from what I have read and researched I think a great place to start is to stand on the ground in bare feet each day, try doing it before bed, as close to the earth is best, bitumen is better than concrete. We store electromagnetic energy in our bodies and need to displace this as best as possible. the other way to do this is to have a shower, even washing your hands in running water is useful. Please also check the electrical appliances that are near you when you sleep, clock radios, cordless and mobile phones, don’t sleep near meter boxes that can be on an outside wall near your bed! Best to remove all of these from the sleeping areas in your home.  Turn off electric blankets at the wall.  Kerry

  10. Kortney Bewley says

    I do grounding usually everyday, outside while meditating or doing movement meditation while hoopdancing. 

  11. Martin Zucker says

    Greetings Wellness Mama
    Enjoyed your blog and was interested in your comment about how Earthing has helped put you back to sleep after getting up to nurse the baby.  If you can expand on your experience, kindly send me any comments at  I am always looking for feedback from mothers on how Earthing benefits them.
    Earthing is real.  It is a reconnection to a surprisingly simple, natural, and profound resource right under our feet…the very planet we live on.  Whether you reconnect by being barefoot outdoors (conditions allowing, of course) or in bare skin contact with an Earthing sheet or mat indoors, the Earth offers BIG-TIME benefits.  Sleep better. Feel better. Look better.  Have more energy and less pain.  The Earth, we’re learning, is one humongous treatment table.
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

    • Sue says

      The Bible in Genesis 1 says that God created the heavens and the earth and the dry land He called earth and it was good. So much for evolution. Creation makes so much more sense.

  12. says

    My I suggest that is its uncomfortable to sit outside and you dont want to buy a mat….would filling a pot with fresh soil and doing a “footsit” in it work maybe. Worth a shot.

    • says

      For it to work, the dirt has to be touching the actual ground/soil or the grounding effect won’t happen… so unless the pot was conductive as well and sitting on the ground, I don’t think it would have the same effect…

  13. says

    When I was a child I used to run and walk without shoes. At that time I was spending a lot of energy, because I needed to help my grand father and there was a lot of work to do. Of course I didn’t have any problems falling asleep. 

    Today I live in a city in an apartment. I do less activity and this affects my sleep. However, I don’t have problems falling asleep. 

    Probably, I feel skeptical about the theory of Earthing.

    • Jeff says

      Hmm… I’m not certain why so many people are skeptical about Earthing, when it is truly is supported by basic science and a number of scientific studies.

      My advice to anyone who is yet unconvinced, or is sitting on the edge, is to first watch the video documentary entitled “Grounded”, by Kroschel Films (available at Amazon or $16). This is a National Geographic style video (74 minutes) that is both compelling and convincing. This documentary tells the tale of an Earthing “newbie”, and the experiences of other residents of Haines, Alaska. You’ll also follow the film-maker on a globe-trotting adventure in his pursuit of answers to the Earthing debate.

      I had personally ordered an Earthing Sheet and Mat, but my wife really had minimal interest in the products. The video had come in my Earthing “Starter Kit” and I thought why not pop it in the DVD. My wife was doing a bit of homework with my 7 year old son, and as the documentary progressed, they both became intrigued by the film: my son loved watching the scenery and wildlife (moose, bears, wolverine, etc.), while my wife became totally captivated and entranced by the evidence based film that taught her about a health concept that was so simple, and yet so powerful. As the documentary concluded, her comment to me was “Everyone on Planet Earth needs to watch this film”!

      After watching the film, go one more step and read the book entitled “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!” The documentary film, and this Earthing book are really a one-two punch that are extremely convincing in terms of the evidence presented.

      There’s not enough room to list all of the evidence in these two resources, but if you want to have a true understanding of the benefits of Earthing, you simply must invest $30 or so, watch the Film, and read the Book. Don’t listen to anyone’s comments about this topic who hasn’t!!

      I’m quite certain that these resources will calm your skepticism!

  14. BEC says

    Thanks for all of this! I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I feel in my body that contact with the earth is necessary and you just helped explain the WHY of it–I also never thought about the magnesium in the ocean before. Thanks for connecting some of these dots! I work in women’s health and I think of the importance of earth energy for women and wonder about how urinating on the earth and opening themselves to the earth energy at their root affects their pelvic health. I’m also wondering if humans can ground each other? My kids sure want to sleep on me and I am a part of the earth! Have you seen anything about humans as earthlings/grounders? 

  15. Jana says

    I don’t know if it’s quite the same but I sleep on wood. As you mention, I always enjoyed sleeping outside in a tent or on a meadow but my night rest on my mattress was always exhausting. I was fed up with it and so this winter I tried sleeping on the floor. I used two camping mats covered by a thick cover. It was working for a while but after a few weeks I started feeling something around my kidneys so I assumed it’s too cold to sleep on the floor. I have a solid wood base of my bed so I just took the mattress of the bed and covered the wood with a camping mat and a thick cover over it. I’ve been sleeping on it since then, nearly 8 months now and there is nothing better. At the beginning, for the first week when I was still sleeping on the floor it was uncomfortable for the first three nights because my muscles were tense. Mostly I felt slightly sore pelvis muscles which became completely relaxed after a week. Quickly all the muscles in my body relaxed and I don’t suffer back pain anymore. I sleep soundly and I’m rested when I wake up. I can say much about the menstrual cycle or other cycles because I started paleo diet at the same time. Everything improved but I think it was a combination of the changed sleeping habits and the diet. I could say that one of my missions in life became to avoid sleeping on mattresses as much as I can.

  16. Melissa says

    The overall concept of connecting to the earth makes a lot of sense, and I will definitely try this. But how can electrons be positive? That part doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Rebekah says

      All electrons are either positively or negatively charged. The balance in the charge of the electrons determines the charge of the atom. Sometimes electrons travel on their own and that’s when they can be detrimental to our health.

      • eupatorium says

        Electrons are negatively charged. Protons are positively charged. Ions are atoms/molecules that can be either positively charged or negatively charged, depending on whether they have more protons or electrons.

  17. agoss says

    It needs to be skin-to-skin contact? How do you best insure that? I’m thinking of getting this for my skeptical husband who moves all over the house trying to find a good spot to sleep.Thanks!

    • Katelyn says

      My handyman dad did a conductivity test on his sheets while they were covered with a cotton fitted sheet and says they still conduct through that layer. If your hubby’s pjs aren’t super-thick he still should get benefit it seems.

  18. cathleen451 says

    I have really been getting some good rest on my recently purchased mat. Although I have to say when it is way below freezing I am very restless. I have been experimenting and it may be my imagination, but I toss and turn when its below 30 degrees, possibly because the earth is cold?!?!

  19. says

    I just bought one and will definitely post to this blog with my results.

    I am an enthusiast of getting back to healthy basics. I have been eating pescatarian for five years (for moral reasons) and have recently become a strict paleo eater on top of that and have noticed nothing but good things about how my body has changed. I’ve lost weight, I don’t get stomach aches like I used to and my eliminations are easy and regular (I know, tmi). I’ve been using your recipe for laundry detergent and tooth paste and am loving it but the best best best thing I’ve gotten from your blog so far is the deodorant.

    For anyone with odor problems, wellness mama’s deodorant is close to miraculous! (It’s just coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot powder). I work long hours in a restaurant so thank you so much for helping me to stay fresh alllll the time!

    The purpose of my statement here is that so far all of the information I’ve gotten from your blog has been helpful if not great so I just purchased a squatty potty and the grounding mat that comes with the free book. I don’t need convincing about the potty, I’m sure squatting is the way we’re meant to go, but as I said, I’ll post with my thoughts on the mat.

    I wonder if doing yoga during the day on the mat would be a good decision? Maybe it would make one feel peaceful and energized?

    Thank you for sharing your blog, it’s super helpful and inspiring!

  20. Ashly Simpson says

    Thanks for this article! I’m going to look into this and hope to get a mat soon! I can walk on the beach daily too but want to try the mat also. Love your site too!

  21. says

    While I find the idea of Earthing very positive and interesting, I cannot fathom purchasing something when you can go OUTSIDE and do it yourself. And something that is plugged in? I don’t get that. Well I guess I better do some investigating. Thanks for the info! I’m learning a lot on the website.

  22. Emily Brown says

    I am about to place an order for a mat/kit and am so curious to see how it effects our sleep! Question: we have a king size bed, so should I order 2 mats (one for both my husband and I)? Thanks so much…..LOVE everything you post! :)

    • Louis says

      Probably too late but maybe helpful to passers-by or in the future: they also sell fitted sheets. Not sure if that’s a new thing, but fitted sheets of many sizes are available on Amazon when I checked last week.

  23. deirdre3d says

    I started using the mat about 6 weeks ago and then bought the half sheet for my bed too. It took a few weeks, but gradually the aches & pains I always felt in my feet, legs & hands when I got up in the morning have gone away! I also had some residual shoulder pain from a frozen shoulder that I’d spent 2 years treating and that’s gone. I sleep very well & seem to be having more memorable, vivid dreams. I’m hoping my hot flashes will disappear soon also! That in itself would be worth every penny spent!

      • says

        I agree, especially since I personally have to have it completely dark and quiet to fall asleep… But I’m considering the salt lamp for use with my computer and television.

        • says

          I have done lots of research on various things, and to add to your comment…a major health benefit is sleeping in complete and total darkness. This raises your melatonin levels which in turn is healthy. It is also a benefit to fighting off free radical cells as well. Just a thought for you.

  24. Debra Hudson says

    I just read your article on “grounding” and am anxious to try it. Unfortunately I live in a state that experiences all 4 seasons so I will be looking into purchasing something. I alway have a hard tim getting to sleep, especially when I when I have to make my nightly trips to the restroom, I have a very hard time getting back to sleep. I am also a heavy snorer. I do have a question though. Your article mentioned salt water. Could I make my own solution to soak my feet in for those times I can’t get outside due to the weather?

  25. Katelyn says

    I got excited when I saw you were covering earthing! I only have mild health issues, but I found earthing makes a difference.

    My dad got me an earthing fitted sheet, he loves it and says it helps with his mild arthritis and sleep cycle. I only noticed a small difference in my sleep (waking feeling rested, waking up for shorter periods at night) and some lessening of my chronic tendonitis. It wasn’t until I let my roommate borrow my earthing sheets that I noticed I woke up drowsy each morning and feel like I slept at least a little less. Also, my tendonitis crept back up on me, but it was a full week before I started to notice that. Needless to say, I recommend! For those who are skeptical, I’d say go for a cheaper earthing mat if you’re wary of the cost of the sheets; you can even sleep on the mat instead of buying the full sheet. I love my sheets though!

    Cheers! Katelyn

  26. Claire says

    Hi Wellness Mama! I just recently found your blog, and I can’t quit reading it. Thanks so much for all of your info. I just came across this post on Earthing, and I had a few questions. I have an 18 month old baby that is not the best sleeper (wakes up at 5:15 most days), and I was wondering what you would do for a baby in a crib? My little guy sleeps in pajamas and a sleep sack to keep him covered up right now, but since summer is coming I could put him in short sleeves. Would you also buy the small mat that you use under your desk for his bed? And, if I decided to buy something for myself and my husband to use on our bed what would you recommend that would last the longest? Thanks!

    • says

      The mat might work, I’d just make sure that he couldn’t get the cord around his neck in any way. Personally, I’d probably use the half sheet and just wrap around the crib sheet…

  27. Claire says

    Hi Wellness Mama! I just recently found your blog, and I can’t quit reading it. Thanks so much for all of your info. I just came across this post on Earthing, and I had a few questions. I have an 18 month old baby that is not the best sleeper (wakes up at 5:15 most days), and I was wondering what you would do for a baby in a crib? My little guy sleeps in pajamas and a sleep sack to keep him covered up right now, but since summer is coming I could put him in short sleeves. Would you also buy the small mat that you use under your desk for his bed? And, if I decided to buy something for myself and my husband to use on our bed what would you recommend that would last the longest? Thanks!

  28. jennyshain says

    I am confused. the mat on amazon says it’s rubber. Dr. Mercola & Oz say to do earthing you must avoid rubber…?

  29. Caroline Stasa says

    I would agree with the reviews stating the mats can only be used so long. I work in telecommunications where we repair electronic equipment. We use grounding mats to keep from transferring electrostatic charge to equipment so as not to damage the units we work on. You have to change these out every now and then because the mat will only take so much abuse from the charge hitting it. How often you will need to change it will depend on how much charge your body is carrying and transferring to the mat. I got no clue how much the human body carries and there are so many varying factors. You can test the efficiency of your mats, but the equipment is not cheap–couple hundred dollars and on up!! Maybe it is worth it to you to know if it still works. If you want some links, I can send them to you :)

  30. Jagpreet Singh says

    Hi Wellness Mama, Thanks for all the wonderful articles you have been posting.
    But I have a complaint about this article. You have ONLY pointed out all the good things about this, I wonder why you didn’t mention all the skepticism going around “earthing mats”. Nevertheless, I bought the item and will now try this out. But a little heads up would have been nice!
    Before purchasing this, I googled a bit on “Earthing mats” but forgot to search for “Earthing mats scam”. I am NOT saying that this IS a scam but there are lots of negative discussion around the concept of “Earthing mats”.

  31. Tancio de Leon says

    I am using a DIY grounding aluminum rod instead of a mat. My question is when I move my arm or leg lightly on the rod, I could feel tingling sensation – although when I press harder on the rod, I feel nothing. The trouble is if I use this while sleeping, this slight shocks might wake me up if skin contact is intermittent.

  32. Mohammed Huzaifa says

    Thank you for these good information. and we are Muslims do this process “Grounding” many times a day because we have to pray with naked feet and put our hands, forehead and nose directly on the earth about 36 times per day in which is called “Alsojood”.

  33. says

    I just started researching this. It definitely is a good thing to do especially while sleeping or at the computer. But as far as being barefoot, there is danger. Dr. Oz says that the south lost the civil war since they were barefoot and got parasites.
    People get ringworm by being barefoot on infected soil. The feces of infected animals and humans carries the worms and eggs. Rock climbing feels good. The grounding is done through the hands and the resistance exercise feels good and tones muscles. If you climb vertically, the higher you get, the more dangerous it is. But you can climb horizontally and stay close to the ground.

  34. Mary says

    What do you know about negative ions in the home? For example salt lamps? Supposedly they are good for mental/emotional well being in the home. Thanks!

  35. Patrick Hickey says

    I had heard of earthling a few months ago, but it has taken some time and research to realize just how valuable earthling really is. After reading about it on Dr. Marcola’s site, I didn’t have time to spend much time on my lush, green lawn.

    However, last week I gained access to a wonderful video by a National Geographic videographer from Alaska. After watching it three times, I ordered my first rather expensive floor mat the other day. I have spent more time on my lawn, and I am beginning to feel a sense of minor joy and delight in my intestine.

    Today, I ran across some sandals made of a special material that transmits negative ions by Get Grounded Footwear. They only have the womans right now, but I’m waiting for their men’s version. Here in Sedona, AZ I can wear the sandals nearly year around.

  36. Rocky Roark says

    First I will say that I have been reading articles on your website for the past few hours. I’ve been working to become more healthier and this is definitely something that I’m going to try and implement tomorrow during my workout!

  37. Mahjabeen Fazel says

    Hi Katie.. Thanks for this amazing article. I just wanted to tell you that not only the athletes, runners etc use it but also a group of the Muslims [known as the Shi’a Ithnasheri ] use sand from Kerbala, Iraq to prostrate on regularly – minimum 34 times a day we keep our forehead on earth/sand. In the religion, it is highly recommended to prostrate and pray to God as much as you can! :) Take care!

  38. Megan Bennett says

    Lol….I think it’s probably better to just hang out and walk around outside than create more consumer trash to simulate being outside. Just open the damn door and go out there, people!

    • Caitlyn Baldo says

      Totally agree, go outside!!! But I live in a suburb with a yard and the beach is 30 minutes away. If you live in a “concrete jungle” the earthing mats make sense.

    • Amanda Walker says

      For some who live in a Northern climate getting access to the ground is difficult at best when there’s a foot + snow & ice covering the ground (I live in Michigan). I’m mindful of consumerism and don’t buy things because i can an item such as this may be very beneficial to someone like me who DOES get outside to keep grounded as much as i possibly can when the weather is conducive to doing so…

    • Landon says

      Evidently you don’t live in a concrete jungle as so many do? And are never snow bound or disabled? For many, certainly, grounding without accessing the ground outside, devices are a great boon. I’m loving it and my “consumer trash,” so far, is a piece of used speaker wire and two pennies. There is no excuse for much trash pushed on consumers. Grounding devices, I’d certainly not put in this category.

  39. Taryn says


    I am interested in buying an earthing mat and sheet but was wondering if it will still work if I live in a concrete appartment building 3 stories up?? What if I cant find an outlet that works?

    Thank-you :)

  40. elle says

    Wow, I had not heard of earthing before but have always noticed how good I feel to walk in the yard with bare feet. Obviously there’s a science this, and it isn’t just my imagination after all!

    • Jonathan says

      Try it before you dismiss it. Insurance coverage is not needed since you can do it for free. Just google “DIY earthing” and you’ll see plenty of sites with instructions.

  41. says

    Posted initially and didn’t realize I was using the wrong ACV. As a fruit most people don’t think of using the lemon outside of kitchen purposes however its abilities spread much farther than one would think.

  42. says

    I did purchase both the floor mat and the sheets last month. I am super sensitive and find I have to go slowly. Any advice here would be great. I too live up North, in Canada, and I really need to find a way to naturally ground myself. Do you think boots with a natural sole would help? Does grounding work through a foot of snow? or more? There has to be a way to ground ourselves despite the snow? I thought of pitching a tent in the fall and putting a heater in the tent. I went to Mexico a couple weeks ago and spent all my time on the beach. It felt amazing… Sometimes I just want to run away and live on the beach…

  43. Beth Michaels says

    Does anyone know if earthing/grounding products also help counteract the effects of magnetic fields created by metal spring coils in beds? I am in the process of replacing my old mattress with a new non-metal one, but this will take approx. 6 more weeks. I noticed the magnetic field around my bed using a compass. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  44. says

    I’m very interested. I read all blogs, Katie, and the thought occurred to me since I live in Florida and was constantly having to find and treat pinworms when my 3 children were growing up, walking around outside barefoot a lot. For this reason, I probably will not be walking barefoot outside here in South Florida where parasites thrive (we don’t have cold enough weather to kill them out). Since I am now on my 2nd week of oil pulling with good results (I also have been sprinkling the OraWellness Heal Thy Mouth Blend drops onto my toothbrush – also through OraWellness), so this definitely got my attention for health maintenance reasons for my 64 year old body. I am very open to ordering the mat & sheet – makes sense for better sleep. Also, this reminds me that I will be walking on the shore in shallow salt water this summer when I vacation in the Florida Keys (practically in my backyard).

  45. megan says


    First of all, i wanted to say that i love your website. I have learned so much from your articles, so thank you :)

    I recently purchased both an earthing mat and the lady comp. This may be a silly question, but does sleeping on the earthing mat effect your basal body temperature in the morning?

    Thank you!

  46. Anthony L says

    I’ve always thought that the earthing mat is something extremely useless. This article made me rethink. I’m just confused and curious simultaneously. I’ll try it!

    • Jan H says

      You can but be aware that if you also use the rubber mat for sleeping, the chances of it peeling apart increase dramatically and they will not replace it. You would be much better off if you purchase the plush pad or sheets. Half sheets work wonderful if you can’t afford the fitted ones. Just my two cents worth based from experience.

  47. carrie says

    I noticed this is an older post but I just recently got my earthing sheet and I also nurse. I was wondering if you still sleep on your earthing sheet and can you still tell a difference?
    I tried Earthing with patches and found that it did affect my thyroid meds which in turn did affect my baby. We were both getting too much.
    I want to try the sheet for my adrenal fatigue but want to be careful regarding my medicine.
    I wonder if the sheet stopped working would I wind up right back where I was with my thyroid if I had seen improvement and lowered my dose. To me if my adrenals are off due to some type of vit deficiency then the sheet is only a bandaid.

    • Dorothy says

      Just curious about your comment on grounding affecting your thyroid medication’s effectiveness. What have you experienced?

    • Jan H says

      From what I have read and heard through interviews, it is possible that once you stop Earthing your condition will likely return. This is a life-long commitment. Once that energy is stopped between the human body and the earth inflammation returns and so do the former states that we had before we started Grounding. I wish it weren’t so but i sort of look at it like medicine for life. Unless you can go barefoot year round on the earth, you will need something to continue that energy.

  48. Crystal says

    I love this site! I needed help getting started on a natural living path for me and my boys! People think I’m gross and weird for walking barefoot almost everywhere (except in public buildings and things like that) but now I have grounds to defend it on other than I just hate shoes

  49. Tami says

    My favorite place to Earth is at the beach. But I have an Earthing mat that I sleep on every night since I only make it to the ocean once a year.
    I could tell a difference from day 1. I went from waking twice a night to sleeping a solid 8-9 hours! It’s changed my life!!

  50. Anjulita says

    I got interested in earthing because I suffer from chronic sciatic pain and disturbed sleep. I also read up a lot about these earthing mats, and earthing rods, as well as walking bare feet on the grass.

    How about these copper bracelets that have been around for a long time and are meant to be beneficial to one’s health? Do they have the same function as an earthing mat, or earthing itself?

  51. Jennifer says

    Will this idea help a 4 and a half month old sleep? My baby is waking every 1-2 hours at night! A friend mentioned that my baby needed to be “grounded” and suggested we fill a ditch with water and let him sit in it. I think I need to give this a try. Should I stand him in the grass too maybe?

  52. brian merkosky says

    Just wanted to point out an error in your explanation. You say that free radicals are positive electrons but in fact free radicals are electron deficient! An electron is always negatively charged so grounding yourself provides you with electrons to pair up with the electron deficient free radicals as well as helps to pair up with the electron deficient calcium which is the cause of most inflammation.

  53. Dan D Lyon says

    Bare feet feels great. I love to be shoe-less in the summer when at the park or beach. The funny thing in all this discussion that seems overlooked is touching tap water. It seems to me this must be a great grounding resource. Every time you touch a metal faucet or stream of water, washing hands or dishes, brushing teeth, showering, taking a bath, hot tubing or swimming… this must factor in big time. Our ancestors had a lot more contact with the natural earth, but they also didn’t have faucets, sinks and tubs.

  54. jerry guidry says

    i had neck surgery one year ago. i have a titanium plate in my neck between c5 and c7. will grounding effect me in any way? i would love to try it, just to get a good nights sleep and remove the muscle tension and relax the nerves in my body. please respond. thank you…..jerry

  55. David Martinez says

    I think this could be a valuable tool but better research quotes would have helped, and a little homework avoiding statements like positive electrons.

  56. Liz says

    My child who is on the Autism Spectrum has insisted for years that he must walk outside barefoot to help him calm down after too much sensory input. He hates putting on shoes as he says that it isn’t the same. Do you think it is the Earthing that is helping him too and has anyone found this to help others who are on the Autism Spectrum. I am intrigued that he found his own solution without knowing anything about this. I will take it more seriously now!

  57. Forrest says

    This article is great; however, electrons are negatively charged, always negative. Protons are positively charged, always positive. This article says “Positive electrons” and should not. You may be referring to Ions, which can become positive or negative depending on the ratio of Electrons and Protons.

  58. amy says

    I love this idea but I have been making my kids wear shoes outside as we have spiders in our grass and beas too. I live in Australia and my citrus are in flower so there are lots of lovely bees. I need to let them run bear foot but worry so much!

  59. Linda Clauser says

    We normally use an electric mattress pad in the winter. Am I right in assuming if we use a flat sheet in the bed, we couldn’t use our electric mattress pad?

  60. Alisa says

    Great concept and fascinating results!

    But I think we all go to extremes to avoid EMF’s and elevated gausmeter readings – i.e unplugging electric blankets at the wall, etc.

    How is it that plugging in grounding sheets wouldn’t also pass on EMFs to the user?
    Wouldn’t benefit of grounding/earthing be outweighed by electro magnetic field impact when using electrical sheets?

    • Ally says

      I’ve thought about this too — does anyone have an answer? I’m curious whether the benefits here outweigh the potential for being exposed to additional EMFs…. Thanks!

      • says

        They aren’t actually electrical sheets at all. They just have one prong and it just plugs in to the “grounding” port of the plug so you are borrowing the grounding charge from that outlet. They actually come with a rod that you can use and plug into the ground outside as well.

  61. Lori says

    You need to check out they have earthing mats that do not need to be recharged nor do they need batteries. They use infared technology, crushed minerals and essential oils. Just found this site the other day and have ordered one! My earthing sheet stopped working within 6 months of purchasing it. Too expensive to keep replacing, so I though I would try this new technology.

  62. Daniel says

    Kind of makes sense, all mammal evolution has occurred while being in touch with Earth.
    It’s the most ironic thing I’ve ever encountered when it comes to “right under our nose”.
    This can make billions of lives healthier and happier overnight.

    Peace ;]

  63. Hollie says

    are these similar to the pendants you can wear to protect against emf’s? I have tried two different ones and also a home device which is supposed to protect you…I am pretty sure they use the term grounding, say it is supposed to put you back in balance with the earth’s natural magnetic properties. The only problem with them is that they all made me feel terrible. All the symptoms I have increased significantly…the head he’s, the pain, the dizziness. If it doesn’t bother me to lay on the ground outside, then why would this cause me to feel worse. I’m glad it helps people, but it can’t possibly be the same as Walking on the beach or playing in the ocean.

  64. Lisa says

    I purchased earthing mats over a year ago. I can’t attest to anything dramatic that changed, however I do believe there is something to our bodies “connecting” to the earth. I believe God created the earth filling it with activity, energy…… I recall reading a non-published trial that a cardiologist did within his own home with a casual gathering of friends, using before earthing and after earthing blood samples. The results showed that the platelets were less “sticky” after going barefoot. I certainly know how I feel………I know my own body……..and I plan to continue with everything that I do to complement my health regardless of whether it is scientifically proven or not.

  65. Adena says

    Has anyone used the orange earthing hand/foot bands? I was given them as a gift but I’m scared to use them. Are there any side effects?

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