Wellness Mama Has an App For That!

So… once upon a time, my cell phone contract was up for renewal, my old phone was dying and there was a great deal (aka free) on smart phones, so against my better judgement, I made the jump to an iPhone.

I was one of those people who laughed at friends who talked about how they couldn’t function without their iPhone because their whole life was on it… and now I am one of them!

In any case, I decided that for my own reference it would be nice to have my recipes and articles on my phone in some way so I could use them when cooking, etc. Then I thought… “Hey, there’s probably an app for that” but there wasn’t.

That situation has been remedied, so I present… the Wellness Mama App!

Update: The Wellness Mama app has been updated and improved. It is now even easier to access recipes, articles, blog posts, and social media!

iphone 1 Wellness Mama Has an App For That!Click here to download the iPhone version (or scroll down to scan QR code to download.) (Note: it costs $0.99)

Click Here to download the Android version (or scroll down to scan QR code for download.)

Click Here to download for a Smart Phone other than Apple or Android (in HTML5- QR-Code download below)

You can also subscribe via Kindle to get all posts delivered directly to your Kindle device (Note: it costs $0.99)

I’m super-excited about it, and I hope that it will be helpful to you as well.

Ever wish you could look up a recipe while cooking (until I finish that cookbook!)?… Done!

Need an article or reference to explain to a friend why you aren’t eating bread? Done!

Basically, it is (almost) all of the functionality of WellnessMama.com on your phone.

The app has all my recent blog posts, recipe pages, the Wellness 101 section, Facebook and Twitter, and much more!

The part I’m most excited about… there is a feature that allows you to submit your photos. If you cook one of my recipes, you can take a picture and share it through the app with me. Or if you see a food that is in desperate need of a healthier version, you can send me a picture and let me know. Or if you see a food that is the antithesis of all things real food, you can share!

The Wellness Mama App will be a way that I can interact with you more (because the whole blog thing is kind of one sided!).

You can also subscribe via Kindle to get all posts delivered directly to your Kindle device (Note: it costs $0.99)

Also, a big thanks to Spears Marketing for the great job on the app and for answering all of my other (many, many, many) questions. If you are thinking about starting a blog or are new to blogging, they are the best. If you want to handle the tech side yourself, here’s a list of invaluable resources that I use.

Reader Comments

  1. Zbean26 says

    Wow that is great, very progressive of you.  On another note, I am going to get a new phone soon.  By the post I am assuming you got rid of the iphone and got a droid.  I was looking at the iphone any reason I should get a droid.  Thanks 

  2. Lorri Miller says

    I *love* it!! It works perfectly on my HTC Incredible (Droid). As a side note; I’m subscribed to your Blog in Google Reader and downloading it to my Kindle is FREE because I have WiFi. YES, it’s true, I have your Blog on every device possible!! ;)

  3. says

    That must be fun to see it show up on your phone now. I know I’d be excited. Congratulations on your new app! I will be downloading it ASAP. I’ve been following yours and the Wheat Belly site for about 8 weeks now and can hardly believe the difference it has made in my level of energy and lack of soreness. I’m so thankful and blessed that my friend, Linore, directed me to your blog. Keep up the fantastic work! I look forward to your book, too.


  4. Sara says

    I just have one beef with the app. If I’m on the blog and I click on the Wellness Challenge and I’m scrolling down and click to let’s say the Vitamix link and view the Vitamix. When I hit the back arrow I wish it would go back to the article I was viewing instead of all the way back to the blog home. Because then I have to find the blog i was reading again and click on it again and hit read article again and scroll down in the blog to find my spot again. I think the rest is great!!

    • says

      I didn’t build it personally and I’m not super tech savvy, but according to my developer, that is an Apple and Android requirement that you can’t really get around.

  5. Kristina Milionta says

    I was SO looking forward to this on my Kindle – like, I’m so addicted to this site I check it more than my email. Turns out that this won’t work on my Kindle Fire as it isn’t considered Android like some of the models. For the future, if there’s anyway the subscription can be adapted or the style changed, I would have loved to purchase it! I do not have an iphone, so my kindle was the only connection… :( Thank you for all the awesomeness on the website!

  6. Jennifer says

    I would love to be able to use this with my Samsung tablet. The iPhone version is great, but the tablet is easier to see when I am cooking.

  7. ashley says

    how do you download this app for the “other” smartphones when I click on download just shows how the app will look…am I doing something wrong??

  8. Lori says

    I’ve been pinning your recipes for months so I was excited to notice the app for the first time today. (I’m really not observant, ask my hubs) I downloaded it onto my iPhone 4 and for some reason the links don’t work. I can go into recipes but when I click “beef”, for instance, it does nothing. I’m sad now.

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