How to Improve Your Whole Body Through Oral Health

Did you know you can improve your whole body through oral health?

Note from Katie:  I’ve been happy to get to know Will and Susan of OraWellness and now I use their brushing blend as part of my oral health routine, and as the “flavor” in my Remineralizing Toothpaste. I’ll be posting my oral health story soon, but my most recent visit to the dentist confirmed that my teeth were much healthier, my beginning stages of gingivitis were gone, and a cavity had actually remineralized itself!If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

How can we Improve Your Whole Body Through Oral Health?

We approach improving oral health from two perspectives. The first perspective focuses on tools and techniques we can all apply to raise our immunological health.  By applying the ‘create health’ cellular theory first, we see that increasing the health of our immune system is the primary tool we have to create greater oral health.

If we are able to do what it takes to bring our immunity above 90% of its potential, we can bring our state of health high enough to become an unsuitable host for the ‘bad bugs’ that cause gum disease.

Improving our immunological health improves our oral health.

We all know many steps we can take to create greater immunological health.  If you are reading this blog, you already have access to quality information for creating greater health.

Here is a list of some of our top points:

  • Laugh and smile often!
  • Eat a mineral rich diet.
  • Eat plenty of quality fats.
  • Drastically reduce sugars from the diet.
  • Eliminate vegetable oils from the diet.
  • Get the right amount of quality sleep for you.
  • Feel grateful.

By taking the necessary steps each day, we can raise our health up to be truly optimal.

The second perspective focuses on what we can do in the mouth to create greater oral health as well as whole being wellness.  We call this the ‘in the mouth’ approach to greater health.

The focus of the ‘in the mouth’ approach:

  1. Reduce bad bug colonization in the mouth
  2. Help restore healthy mouth ecology

In order to create greater oral health, we must reduce ‘bad bug’ populations in our mouths while we encourage a healthier mouth ecological environment.  Key to creating greater oral health over time is to understand how the bad bugs responsible for gum disease function.  You can read more about gum disease here.

There are several ways to reduce the populations of ‘bad bugs’ in the mouth. Here are some ideas to get you on the right track to creating optimal oral health.

Get to know your mouth!

We cannot emphasize this simple technique enough. This one step will do more to empower greater oral health than any other technique.  While brushing and flossing for example are important, unless we know, rather than hope or believe, where we are with our oral health, how can we create optimal oral health?  Here’s a link to a free download to help you with getting to know your mouth. 

Floss consciously

Conscious flossing goes hand in hand with getting to know your mouth above.  Paying attention to what our flossing uncovers is a huge step toward creating greater oral health in our lives.   Here’s a link to an article detailing how to floss consciously. 

Learn how to brush your teeth to reduce gum disease.

Just like other notable doctors and researchers from history like Weston A Price and Edward and May Mellanby, we have Dr. Charles Bass to shed some light on a technique proven to reduce the population of bad bugs in the mouth.  Here is a video that details the Bass brushing technique.

Clean the mouth with safe (aka nontoxic) oral health products

One crucial factor when addressing products for oral health is to be sure that we aren’t putting any toxins into the system in the process.  If we introduce toxins into the system while we intend to create greater health, we are really taking one step forward and two steps back.

In other words, if we introduce toxins into the system that will lower and limit our immune health we are going the wrong way. Like we established earlier, our immune health must be our primary focus when looking to create optimal health. So, using oral health products that contain toxic ingredients which impair our immune function is short sighted at best if not downright injurious to our overall health.

Learn about oil pulling

Oil pulling is a technique out of ancient Indian (ayurvedic) medicine.  This excellent technique not only cleanses the mouth well, it also helps to detoxify the whole system. Here is a link to an article that details the benefits, science, and technique of oil pulling.

Learn free techniques to improve mouth ecology

There is a direct link between the amount of saliva we produce and our ability to maintain a healthy, disease free mouth environment. The unfortunate fact is saliva production declines as we age. It is no surprise that the risks of gum disease as we age increases in step with the decline in saliva production.

We have been studying the Chinese longevity arts for over 25 years.  In our studies we have come across various qigong techniques to increase saliva production. We share one of the many health building techniques we learned from studying qigong in this video, called Mouth Probiotics. Here’s the link…

Although all the above suggestions will drastically help create greater oral health, we have saved the most fundamental, perhaps the most important, aspect to create greater oral health for last.

What comes out of our mouths is at least as important…

Let us all remember that the words we choose to speak to others and to ourselves have a huge impact on whether we experience wellness or disease.

What positive, supportive words have you spoken to the important people in your life today?  Have you complimented yourself on something?  How many times have you spoken about how fat, unhealthy, [fill in the blank] you are this week?

Remember, our culture very often doesn’t have our best interest in mind.  Be willing to be a positive deviant!  Speak only words of health, wellness and kindness and watch your immunity soar!!!  By being aware of the goodness that we encourage to come out of our mouths, we not only create greater wellness in our lives, we support greater wellness in all those whom we bless with our words.

Check out more video tutorials about oral and holistic health here.

About the authors:
Will and Susan Revak are the founders of OraWellness. They began their journey to creating greater oral health in their own lives over 15 years ago. Check out Susan’s story of how she reversed the damage of advanced gum disease. OraWellness offers tools and educational products to help you take control of your oral health using organic ingredients and inexpensive natural solutions. Chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, and other signs of oral imbalance can be a thing of the past. Whether you are looking for gentle, effective daily care or a complete solution to effectively address oral imbalances (even advanced gum disease!), OraWellness can help. Learn more at

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Reader Comments

  1. Thank you for these guest posts!  I’ve always been pretty slack about my oral health, and I confess even slacker since going paleo-ish earlier this year.

    These two articles, and the OraWellness site have given me the information I was lacking about how important it is – it had never occurred to me that harbouring the bad bacteria in my mouth was encouraging a chronic infection, with all the attendant badness that goes with that.

    Thankyou!  I’m in New Zealand, so shipping is usually a killer for me.  I managed to find a toothbrush at our local organic shop which is made from bamboo and natural bristles, and *not too many bristles*.  I’m very pleased indeed.

    • Thanks for posting and the kind remarks! Good on you for grasping some tools to help create greater oral health from the posts and our site.

      By the way, we charge actual shipping internationally, so it ends up not being a killer! :)  If you find you want to try out a Bass toothbrush, we’ll ship you one free with an order of our OraWellness brushing blend.

      Holler with any questions.  We’re here to help!

      To your health!

  2. Just a quick question – when you say eliminate vegetable oils, does that include or not include olive oil? Technically olive is a fruit right? I just wanted to check because I’ve eliminated all oils except olive and coconut (as organic and unrefined as I can get). Thank you.

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