Grain Free “Oatmeal”

Grain Free Oatmeal without Oats Grain Free Oatmeal

So, after working out the other day, I was really craving protein, but was getting tired of basic scrambled eggs. On a whim, I decided to add coconut oil, almond butter, vanilla and raisins to the eggs (I remember a friend saying she had done something similar).

I figured if it was awful, I was hungry enough to be able to eat in anyway, so what did I have to lose?

The taste and texture actually somewhat reminded me of oatmeal. Disclaimer: It has been a long time since I’ve eaten oatmeal, so if you’ve been gulping down the quaker in hopes of lowering your cholesterol (which doesn’t work) it might not taste so similar to you.

Basically, if you’re looking for a variation to try with your eggs that is more sweet than savory, this might be a good option. (I’ve also added dark chocolate before…. it was good… and no, I’m not pregnant!)

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Grain Free "Oatmeal"
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A grain free egg based breakfast food that is high in protein and delicious.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 1
  • a tablespoon of coconut oil
  • A few eggs
  • a couple tablespoons of almond butter
  • a dash of vanilla
  • a sprinkle of raisins
  • dark chocolate (totally optional)
  1. Scramble eggs in the coconut oil until almost done but still somewhat soft.
  2. Add all the other ingredients to taste and scramble until eggs are done cooking and ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Eat while still warm... it is not good cold!
  4. Enjoy... if you're in to weird things in your eggs!

What’s the strangest combination you’ve tried that actually turned out good? My second choice is hot sauce on celery… what’s yours?

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    Wow, excellent idea! It’s just started getting chilly here in Tokyo, and it’s always nice to have something just a little bit sweet occasionally on those days when the weather’s just horrible allround. Will try this tomorrow morning! ^^)b

  2. Kris says

    I’ve been eating 1/2 banana with plain homemade yogurt, a big scoop of peanut butter and shredded coconut.  It makes me think I’m eating a banana split.   :)

  3. brianne grogan says

    Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to try SWEET scrambled egg dishes, but this looks pretty good! I think I might have to give it a try. Thanks for all the great ideas! 
    My strangest combination might be my homemade yogurt… I use coconut and cashew milks and flavor it with cocoa powder and a dash of ground espresso. It’s GREAT, and satisfies these strange morning chocolate cravings that I almost always have… :)

  4. Kristi says

    We’re all getting tired of eggs around here.  My kids have stopped eating them unless they’re scrambled with sausage or made into “pancakes” with banana.  I went ahead and tried this recipe this morning.   I don’t have any raisins so I added cinnamon and a little honey (just how I used to make oatmeal) and it was SO good!  My 15 month old is loving it.  Thanks for the idea!

  5. says

    I love love love dates with eggs! you cook a chopped up date in coconut oil and then crack an egg on top, add sea salt and cinnamon and wait until it’s cooked! i like my eggs sunnyside….its a yummy combo

    • Jess M. says

      Thanks for the suggestion!  I have a huge container from Costco & didn’t know what to do with them (& didn’t want to throw away) :o)

  6. Tiffany Hurst says

    Some cinnamon in there too would be good. When I was little my dad would make scrambled “dessert” eggs with the leftover mixture when he was making french toast. First time he did it we gave him a hard time and thought it would be gross, but then tried it and liked it. I might have to bring that back (minus the toast). 

  7. Soccy says

    This sounds really gross, but so did a lot of other foods that are now a staple in our house. We will have to try it. I really think the kids will like the combo and I may just like it, too. Who knows?  Thanks for the experimentation and weird cravings.

  8. Fani says

    I had some left over nutty hot cereal from Robb Wolf’s recipe.  I scrambled an egg in homemade pastured butter (yes, I have pastured cows) and added the left over cereal to heat it up, very very good.

    the nutty hot cereal is:
    1 cup nuts
    1 apple (or pear -my change) cored
    1 cup of water
    1 tablespoon cinnamon 

    blend in blender or food processor until finely chopped.  Heat to a boil and turn down and simmer immediately.  

    I added 1 stick of my pastured butter and topped with a few blueberries and raspberries. 

  9. Calico says

    barbeque sauce on peaches or pears on top of decked out nachos……I had to get creative in the school cafeteria to make that horrible food taste bearable. :/ Wished I could’ve eaten a home lunch every day!!!

  10. Laelle Martin says

    Needed something new for breakfast this morning and remembered reading this post awhile back.  Kind of strange, but really yummy at the same time!   I added cinnamon and a small drizzle of coconut nectar on top.  

  11. Kelli says

    I would like to go grain free for, but breakfast is a challenge.   I’m not sure what to do for my girls who are sensitive to eggs.  Any suggestions?

  12. Amy says

    I was honestly very skeptical, but it was really good! The addition of dark choc. and shredded coconut certainly didn’t hurt ;) Thanks for the creative ideas!!

  13. Beuna says

    Can you omit the almond butter? trying to avoid phytic acid so that means no nuts for me. This looks amazing, I hope there is a good substitution!

  14. Donna says

    I tried eggs this morning as suggested but left out the raisins and added cinnamon and coconut butter. It was wonderful! Maybe I can eat eggs again.

  15. Rebekah Love says

    this was surprisingly delicious! better than oatmeal, and a nice sweet treat to enjoy with coffee! i felt energized as opposed to the “weighed down” feeling I get after eating oatmeal. excellent experiment!

  16. Danielle Hudson says

    Hey, I just made this and it was good. All my kids aged 1-9 enjoyed it and said they would like to add it to school morning status. It actually filled them up. I did add cinnamon like most people said. Thanks!

  17. Carmen says

    Bread, pasta, flour, wheat bran, cereals… I get it & I try to avoid them as often as humanly possible. Luckily, I don’t really like pasta, so I automatically dodge one bullet right there! But when it comes to oatmeal, I really feel like it gets a bad rap. I really like the Wellness Mama site but, with respect, I think it’s slightly irresponsible to say that oats do not help to lower cholesterol when there has been study after study to prove otherwise. I have no problem with people wanting to go grain free, but oats (and maybe sometimes brown rice) are probably the one thing I think should be given a reprieve.

    Combine all the research with how oatmeal actually makes me FEEL is enough for me to know that as a grain, it really isn’t bad at all. With my lifestyle, making a breakfast every morning with fresh fruit or eggs with a lot of veggies is unrealistic. I tried yogurt & fruit, but A. I hate the taste of yogurt, and B. I was hungry almost immediately. I love hard boiled eggs, but they get boring & I take a few days break in between eating. My solution for breakfast has been the “Overnight Oats” and boy do I feel great! Almond/Coconut Milk, 2% g-yogurt, less than a cup of oats and I feel like I can take on the world! Add all that to the fact that I have WAY better bowel movements (sorry) on days I eat oatmeal than when I do not and it’s such a great option for ME.

    At this point in my life, I feel like my body is well in-tuned to what foods make me feel good and which ones don’t. I feel gross after eating bread, good after eating brown rice. I feel like death after eating a bowl of cereal, but like a superhero after eating oatmeal. Sluggish after eating corn, but powerful after eating collards or kale.

    As for where I’ve found studies, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is a great place to go. My uncle works for NIH here in the DC area and has referred me to them for a number of reasons.

    Anyway, sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds on your forum. I’ve read your comment policy & I hope I’ve abode by its rules.

  18. Brittnie says

    This did not look appealing to me at all, but went ahead and tried it anyway- my 2 yr old loved it and asked for more! They actually weren’t so bad.

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