Pregnancy Announcement!

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NOTE: This post is from 2011 and my daughter is now walking, talking and learning to read. simple smile

Pregnancy announcement…

For those of you that saw my post on How to Get Pregnant Naturally, I want to offer proof that proper nutrition and lifestyle changes do increase fertility…

My husband and I are so excited to be expecting our fourth little one, due to make an entrance sometime mid-summer (2011). Our other kids are absolutely ecstatic also, and I am looking forward to a *hopefully* natural birth. My last pregnancy was complicated by an undiagnosed placenta previa (very rare) and an emergency c-section.  We just confirmed that there is no previa this pregnancy so we are on track for a vaginal birth after cesarean.

I am planning to post regular updates about the pregnancy and the preparation for a v-bac, without turning this into a pregnancy blog! For those interested, these are my previous birth stories. I hope that you will join me during these next few months for what I hope will be my most fit and healthy pregnancy yet. I plan to continue a healthy diet and lifestyle and avoid as many toxins as possible.


Since we are now well beyond the “normal” 1.2 children per family limit, I figured I should preemptively answer a few questions:

Don’t you know what causes that?

Yes. Yes, we do. Do you want a tutorial?

Are you Catholic/Mormon/the Duggars?

Yes, no, no.

Do you have a TV?

Two actually.

Are you done now?

Kind of a personal question, really, but probably not.

“You have your hands fulll!”

Thanks for noticing. My heart is pretty full too :-)

And this funny pregnancy announcement video pretty much sums up the rest!

Have any of you had a successful v-bac? If so, what did you do to prepare. Have you found natural remedies for common pregnancy complaints? Please tell my about it below, along with any tips for a healthy, natural, easy pregnancy!

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  1. Congrats!! Wish I had known all these things when my husband and I went through in vitro. We are blessed with a great son!

  2. Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I’m due in the summer too. Also, I’m so glad to have discovered your blog. A couple years ago I had a profound experience where I realized just how much my eating habits were impacting my life, and after giving up almost all grains and processed food, my life completely changed. I mean, I was stunned by the impact it had on every single aspect of my life. Anyway, all that is to say, I love your mission and I’ll definitely be back to read more!

  3. Just found your blog and love it!!!!!
    My 5th child was born via c-section. I had a successful v-bac with number 6 (at 45 years of age!). Didn’t really do anything to prepare. It was all fine and had no problems.

  4. I had a vbac with my second pregnancy and everything went well. I had a csection with my first due to his presentation(face-Up), he just would not turn! Anyway, if you have had sucessful previous vaginal deliveries there is no reason that you shouldn’t now. You may have to be monitored a little closer due to the slightly higher risk of uterine rupture during labor. I used to be a l&d nurse but stopped working after my third child. As far as preparation, I know that practicing relaxation of every muscle in your body will benefit you in labor. The bradley method of childbirth(husband-coached) is wonderful in explaining this. I had patients that fought labor so much and it seemed to prolong and even hinder progress. Blessings!

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